Payment Options Inquiry

Payment Options Inquiry allows you to obtain information about the configured payment options (for example, payment types, card types, currencies, payment plans) for a merchant so that they can be offered to payers when making a payment for an order. It is also used to request a DCC rate quote.

When retrieving payment options, your request can contain zero or more of the following request parameters:

  • currency (for example USD, AUD)
  • payment type (for example, CREDIT, PAYPAL)
  • card type (for example AMEX, VISA)
  • transaction source (for example INTERNET, CALL_CENTRE)

If you do not supply any request parameters, the response will contain all combinations of payment option field values. This means that the response may include invalid payment option combinations

If you supply one or more request parameters, the response will contain all combinations of payment option field values restricted by the request parameter values.

Even if a payment option is enabled for a merchant profile, it may not be a valid combination for the payment operation you wish to perform. For example, if you wish to offer custom payment plans to your payers, and if USD and MXN are returned as the configured currencies, then it is not a valid combination to offer USD as the currency because custom payment plans only support MXN currency.

It is important to interpret the valid payment options returned in the response. You may not receive a valid combination if any the following are true:

  • The value passed in the request parameter is invalid due to incorrect spelling, format, etc. For example, if value for the request parameter, card type, is spelled as AMX instead of AMEX. In this case, an invalid request error is returned for card.type.
  • The payment option is enabled on the Mastercard Payment Gateway but not on the merchant configuration.

Payment Options Inquiry API Reference[REST][NVP]

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