Debit Card Payments

Debit card payments allow you use debit card in place of credit cards to process payments. Debit card details are similar to credit card details, which typically include payer name, card number, card expiry, and card security code. Debit card fields may be passed in all transaction commands that require you to pass card details.

A transaction from a transaction source other than Internet is not blocked if 3-D Secure authentication is not attempted.

To get a list of card schemes supported on the Mastercard Payment Gateway, see Supported Card Schemes [NVP][REST].

To identify whether the card used to make the payment is a credit, debit, or a charge card, check the funding method (sourceOfFunds.provided.card.fundingMethod ) returned in the Retrieve Transaction response. For information on how you can use card type details to support surcharging decisions, see the FAQ section in the Surcharging page.

Card Details API Reference[REST][NVP]

Maestro Cards

With Maestro debit cards, all Internet transactions must at least attempt to perform a 3-D Secure authentication before performing a financial transaction. The transaction will be processed by the Mastercard Payment Gateway if the authentication is attempted and an authentication response other than Authentication Failed is received. If authentication is not attempted, the transaction is blocked by the Mastercard Payment Gateway.

If your merchant-acquirer link is configured for "Process Maestro Refunds as Payments" functionality, Refund transactions with transaction source INTERNET and transaction currency INR will be submitted to the acquirer as Payment transactions.

MADA Cards

MADA is supported as a co-branded card with Mastercard and Visa in Saudi Arabia. Payments processed using Mada debit cards return MADA_MASTERCARD or MADA_VISA in the localBrand field in the transaction response. All cardholder-initiated transactions using Mada cards require 3-D Secure authentication.

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